State of the Artifact: Announcements, a Call for Submissions, and AWP

As many of you may have seen already, big things are happening at Obra/Artifact. First and foremost, our inaugural online issue launched on the second week of January, coinciding with the end of our Winter residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts . Lucianna, Jared, and I worked on it for hours each day, so much so that the loft above the dining room where we camped out became known as “The Editorial Treehouse.”


Luci and Jared work in the Editorial Treehouse, while Rebecca takes the picture.

If you haven’t gotten around to reading the fruits of our labor, here’s a link to the issue. You can also purchase a PDF version for offline reading (and improved formatting) on the same page.

Of course, this issue would be nothing without our submitters. Many of them went back and forth with us for weeks until their pieces were polished to a shine. Now that we’ve released the finished product into the world, it’s time to start again with a fresh group of artists and their new and exciting visions.

The theme for the upcoming issue is “Technology.” Interpret this as you wish; technology is a word that has come to encompass a vast amount of human culture and history. Writing itself could be viewed as a form of technology, but we want to get more specific than that. We want to know how technology affects writers, readers, and the world at large: how it transforms, entrances, and empowers its users, as well as how it can be used to discriminate, erase, and oppress some of the most valuable parts of our collective humanity. As always, the more experimental the work, the better it may fit with Obra / Artifact’s editorial ethos. The deadline for this issue is February 28th, 2017, with a tentative release date set for March 31st, 2017. Check out our updated submission guidelines if you have questions about what we’re looking for (and how it should be formatted), and don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if your curiosities are still unsatisfied.

Before then, Obra/Artifact will be at AWP. You can find us at booth 203-T in the Main Exhibit hall. Come visit us, as we will have the first batch of Artifact postcards for sale!  These will include work by Carmella Guiol, Oscar Medrano, Cara Murray, John Grey, and Travis Macdonald. While our next issue will not feature any hardcopy, submissions for it may be considered for our second run of postcards in June of this year. Thank you from the entire staff of Obra/Artifact, and we look forward to reading your work!

Bonne Chance,

The Obra/Artifact Team

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