New Year, New Call for Submissions

We the editors of Obra/Artifact would like to wish everyone a happy and productive 2018 with plenty of comfort and inspiration. As the inaugural year of Obra/Artifact, 2017 was an onslaught of determination, reading and editing, coffeeshop meetings, and new staff members, all resulting in four beautiful issues. Many thanks to our contributors, mentors and heroes who each added so much to the meaningful experience and fun of this work.

Our look back leads to our looking ahead, and we are excited for some changes and updates as we move into 2018 with our literary magazine.

Just a glimpse.

The most significant change that will come to O/A is that we will be publishing two issues a year, rather than four. Chief among the countless reasons for this decision is integrity —  to ourselves, our MFA program and the magazine itself.  This change will grant us the ability to build two rich issues that keep the experimental in the forefront. Most of all, we will be able to stay dedicated to the program from which O/A grew. Too often the late nights required a choice to put energy toward our personal projects or the magazine. Also, have we ever mentioned that our entire current staff is composed of mothers of babies, toddlers, and teenagers?

Our second significant change will be transitioning our editorial staff. As both our fiction editor and editor-in-chief will be completing the MFA program this summer, our updated publication timeline also makes room to introduce new staff, which we hope to find during this January residency. O/A is full of opportunity for editing talent to emerge and develop, and we are thrilled to welcome more folks on board.

Looking forward to 2018 we are excited for our next release of our Artifact postcards, AWP in Florida, Rio de Janeiro in June, the graduation of two of our editors, and the introduction of new staff.  

The New Call for Issue 5 – Multilingual and Translation

We will begin 2018 with a the call for Issue 5 which will be released in April. Issue 5 will exclusively focus on bi- or multilingual pieces. open to poetry, nonfiction, fiction, essay, and art. We are also looking for pieces of fresh and new translation, particularly of authors across the Americas. Remembering, of course, that translation can occur across all forms of media, not just words.  The deadline for submissions is March 5th.


We are excited to see what this new year brings. Good luck to all of us. Keep writing.

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