On Writing; Or, What I Say in the Mirror on Days that are Heavy & Burdensome

By: Sam Morris (First semester poetry)


Don’t write what you think you should write.

Don’t write what you think people want to read.

Don’t write what others tell you to

or what you think will sell.

Don’t write to win awards

or to be famous

or immortal.

Don’t write to impress people with your brilliance




Write what you think about, over and over.

Write what obsesses and possesses you.

Write for yourself.

Write what you were born to write

what burns within you.

Write that never-ending gnawing thought

the one that won’t let you go

in the night.

Write that acidic washing-machine-in-the-gut feeling.

Write the feverish blaze that snakes through your veins, only to backtrack

snaking again.

Write the very words that choke you.

Write, write, and write

some more.

Write what matters to you, and never stop writing.

You might just make the world better.

Even if you don’t, you will make yourself better.

You will know that you told the story of you,

that you were true.

You will know you made something new and placed it in this world.

You conceived it

birthed it,

nurtured it.

And you set it free.

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