queering language

By Mary T Duerksen


En las idiomas Romanticas, sustanivos y adjectivos son dé género.

In Romance languages, nouns and adjectives are gendered.

Mi tarea es a ‘un-género’ estas linguas.

My task is to ‘un-gender’ these languages.

Usaré el Español como ejemplo

I will use Spanish as an example.

In mi trabajo, yo estudio e investigo sistemas que oprimen a la gente,e.g. género binario; El lenguaje y su capacidad de forzar el género binario en las personas.

In my work, I study and research systems which oppress people, e.g. binary gender; language and its’ ability to force binary gender on people. 

Las lenguas son unos de essas sistemas.

Languages are one such system.

Aquí hay ejemplos de lo que he estado experimentando.

Here are examples with which I have been experimenting.

Entre algunos escritores, la letra final (o, a, e) se sustituye por “x”

Among some writers, the final letter (o, a, e) is substituted with X



Abierto el puerto asi yo puedo veo las flores.     

Abierto elx puertx asi yo puedo veo lax flores.

Open the window so that I can see the flowers.


Cada persona   each person        Cadx personx 

zapatos              shoe                      zapatxs          

gato                    cat                         gatz                                            

Un gatx tiene zapatxs                 The cat has shoes

The shoes of the cat are not boy shoes nor girl shoes, they are cat shoes.


Code switching

In Portuguese, this sign has been modified from saying “The bride” to “Do not” and “Go beyond”  Old code showing a traditional outcome for women has been transformed into a message of resistance and independence.

Those damned English pronouns: 

He, his, his & She, her, hers

My pronouns are zhe, hir, hirs  Others use

They, their, theirs

Ey, em, eirs

Ae, aer, aer(s), 

Ve, ver, vis

Xe, xym, xyr(s)

And this is not new, as evidenced by this quote: 


“So hadde I spoken with hem everychon, That I was of hir felaweshipe anon,”

        ——–The Canterbury Tales, Prologue  Geoffrey Chaucer


We are not digital  We are not silicon chips  We are people  We are analog

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