Obra / Artifact is the genesis of student collaboration at Stetson University’s Low-Residency MFA of the Americas.

Obra/Artifact is a twofold endeavor: we are interested in the intersections of writing, art, and language. We situate ourselves at the borders of genre. As editors, we encourage a diversity, both of style and identity. We seek the reappraisal of traditional genre lines, looking to expose the new and exciting work being done around the world: anywhere that genre, medium, and craftsmanship are broken down into their component parts and recombined in compelling ways.

We began as a quarterly journal, publishing in January, April, June, and October for the first year of our publication. The second year yielded to a deepening of each issue, with two issues, one each in April and October, along with the inaugural prose contest.

PDFs of the issues are free for all who wish to read them.

We also produce postcard/artifacts from selections of art and writing pulled from the issues.