From Poetry to Painting 

    By Ryan Favata    I was drawing before I was writing—comic book heroes and villains, weather phenomena, my first dog—because it made sense at an early age. As a child, where words failed me, my eyes never lied. It was there, right in front me, the only pure truth I could rationalize, not … Continue reading From Poetry to Painting 


OBRA/Artifact is open for submissions for Issue 7 through April 5th, 2019.   We look forward to reading your poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and translations. We would love to see your visual poetry and artwork. Send us experiments, memorable pieces, and works of art that will knock our socks off!

Rio Morning Sounds

By Mary T. Duerksen The photo and audio clip provided come from our second semester student Mary. Listen to the sounds of Rio in the morning, from construction, to dogs barking, to the buzz of a beautiful city.

Everything is Translatable, Especially A Rubik’s Cube

By Tony Pizzo During my first semester retreat to the Atlantic Center for the Arts last January, I attended many eye-opening poetry workshops analyzing the vast selections of form, process, and purpose available to me in this curious expanded field. Among them was a focus on translation, taught by the wonderful John Pluecker. You know … Continue reading Everything is Translatable, Especially A Rubik’s Cube