queering language

By Mary T Duerksen   En las idiomas Romanticas, sustanivos y adjectivos son dé género. In Romance languages, nouns and adjectives are gendered. Mi tarea es a 'un-género' estas linguas. My task is to 'un-gender' these languages. Usaré el Español como ejemplo I will use Spanish as an example. In mi trabajo, yo estudio e investigo sistemas que oprimen … Continue reading queering language

Everything is Translatable, Especially A Rubik’s Cube

By Tony Pizzo During my first semester retreat to the Atlantic Center for the Arts last January, I attended many eye-opening poetry workshops analyzing the vast selections of form, process, and purpose available to me in this curious expanded field. Among them was a focus on translation, taught by the wonderful John Pluecker. You know … Continue reading Everything is Translatable, Especially A Rubik’s Cube